We are specialized in the deposition of Chemical Nickel with high phosphorus, of the codeposit
Nickel Chemical-Silicon Carbide NiSiC
(Delsic) and of Nickel PTFE.

  • Our strength is our production capacity
  • Our hallmark is speed of delivery
  • We are obsessed with quality
  • We are driven by the needs of our customers
  • We are not afraid of challenges, and thanks to our global approach we also work for new growth markets
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to provide appropriate,state-of-the-art technical answers
  • We believe in digital transformation, and in 2021 we have become a4.0 company

Our business began in 1960 and has been transformed over time to where it is today.

The size of our business is global. We work for small clients and large groups, domestic and international.

We have the largest facilities in the market and can also offer logistics services thanks to 20,000 sq. m. of which 12,000 are covered.

We collaborate with a network of selected companies for the purpose of expanding our product and service offerings.


NIchelatura chimica di alta qualità

We strive for surface perfection. We guarantee high quality of products and services in accordance with international standards.

We are not afraid to change. We invest in research to expand and improve proprietary technologies.

We value time and know that respecting it is critical. Therefore, we have become agile, flexible and fast.

Thinking differently and outside the box enables us to improve products and processes to achieve successful results.

People make a difference. If workers are well, in inclusive and welcoming environment, the result of their work is excellent.

Trust is a cornerstone for us both in our relationships with our employees and with customers. Our work is made available and assessable at all times.

The guiding principles of our choices are respect for the planet, social welfare, and forward-looking governance.


  • Systems for small and large parts, both frame and rotobarrel
  • Denickel pl ating plant with specific acid-free solutions designed to remove only the surface coating and preserve the original surface integrity
  • 4 furnaces for heat treatment up to 700°C
  • Ball polishing equipment up to 60”
  • Sandblasting equipment
  • Electronic drying systems
  • Low-pressure microfiltration with high hourly turn over
  • Double thermal power plant to avoid production downtime
  • Digitization of management and production system with on-site and off-site remoting


  • Microscopic analysis of the chemical and physical characteristics of the deposit
  • Saline Mist Room
  • Roughness gauges
  • Fixed microdurometer
  • Handheld microdurometer
  • Metallographic section
  • Labor lapping machines
  • Bend test