Sintered Steels and Chemical Nickel Plating: Technological Synergy

acciai sinterizzati

In the contemporary industrial environment, the constant search for advanced materials and methodologies is of crucial importance in the pursuit of ever-improving performance, longer service life and superior product reliability. In this scenario, two fast-rising technological pillars emerge as key players: sintered steels and chemical nickel plating. This dynamic duo not only catalyzes innovations but […]

Carbon Steel and Nickel Plating: A Pairing of Excellence

acciaio carbonio

In the context of modern industry, the choice of materials plays a key role in determining the performance, durability and safety of end products. In this scenario, carbon steel and nickel plating emerge as first-rate solutions, offering a combination of strength, versatility and surface protection. Carbon steel is a metal alloy composed mainly of iron […]

Difference between bronze and brass: Exploring the Differences

differenza tra bronzo e ottone

In the vast landscape of metals, difference between bronze and brass emerge as two distinct but often confused materials. Both are metal alloys used in a variety of industries, but they have unique characteristics that differentiate them in terms of composition, properties, and applications. In this article, we will examine the difference between bronze and […]

Austenitic Steels: Superior Chemical Nickel Plating?

acciai austenitici

Chemical nickel plating emerges as a coating process that offers superior performance over austenitic steels in many circumstances. Although both are used in a wide range of industrial and engineering applications, chemical nickel plating stands out for its unique characteristics that make it a preferred choice in many circumstances. This process involves the deposition of […]

Surface Treatment: Nickel Plating for Protection

Trattamento superficiale

Nickel plating is a plating process widely used in diverse industries to improve the surface characteristics of key components. This treatment offers a combination of benefits spanning protection, aesthetics and functionality, making it a valuable asset in many industrial applications. We examine the nickel-plating process in detail, with a focus on its many methods and […]

Metal Characteristics: Nickel Plating Enhances All Metals

Caratteristiche dei metalli

Protection and Aesthetic Appearance of Metallic Materials. In the vast landscape of industry and engineering, the protection and aesthetics of the physical properties of metals and the characteristic of metals play a crucial role and is possible through chemical nickel plating. The need to preserve the durability and visual appearance of metal objects is imperative, […]

Cliques in the Metallurgy Sector: A Meticulous Review.


Metallurgy cracks develop in metallurgy plays a vital role in modern industry, providing the basic materials needed for a wide range of applications. From consumer manufactured goods to complex industrial plants, from transportation to power generation, metallurgy provides the foundation on which much of technological progress and industrial innovation is based. However, despite significant technological […]

Environmentally sustainable city in Saudi Arabia – Neom The Line – Deltar’s there

Deltar has been chosen as a supplier for chemical nickel plating of parts involved in the Neom-The Line project, the vertically developed smart city under construction in Northwest Saudi Arabia in Neom, Tabuk province, designed by eliminating roads, cars and carbon emissions. This immense project affected thousands of manufacturing entities around the world, and where […]

Hardnesses Steels: A comprehensive guide to choice

Understanding the hardnesses of steels is vital in the engineering industry and in selecting materials for a wide range of applications. “Hardness” in this context refers to a steel’s ability to resist plastic deformation, abrasion, penetration and shear. It varies greatly depending on the chemical composition of the steel and the heat or mechanical treatments […]

Galvanic corrosion – a comprehensive guide

Galvanic corrosion is a chemical and physical phenomenon that affects metals and their alloys when they come in contact with an electrolyte and are electrically connected to a different metal. This type of corrosion is of particular relevance in materials engineering, metalwork preservation, and many industrial and marine applications. To fully understand galvanic corrosion, it […]