Sustainability: Deltar’s commitment to its industry


Deltar's sustainability shield

In the modern chemical nickel plating industry, excellence goes hand in hand with sustainability. Deltar, an industry leader, stands out not only for its dedication to surface perfection and the highest quality products, but also for its commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in all its operations.

From adopting cutting-edge technologies to choosing sustainable raw materials, Deltar is committed to minimizing its environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain. This not only includes the selection of eco-friendly chemicals and materials for the nickel-plating process, but also the responsible management of water and energy resources.

Environmental Standards

One of Deltar’s priorities is to ensure that every step of the chemical nickel plating process meets the most stringent environmental standards. This means not only complying with local and international regulations, but also going further to adopt practices that reduce air and water pollution as well as waste generation.


In addition, Deltar is actively committed to promoting sustainability within the local community and industry. By collaborating with environmental organizations and participating in research and development projects focused on sustainability, the company is helping to promote a greener and more responsible approach throughout the chemical nickel plating industry.


Another key pillar of Deltar’s sustainability is its dedication to the safety and well-being of its employees. Through ongoing training programs and the promotion of a corporate culture that values workplace safety and respect for the environment, Deltar is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees.

Deltar: Sustainable Solutions

In addition, Deltar is committed to providing sustainable solutions to its customers. Working closely with them to understand their specific needs and goals, the company offers targeted technical advice to help customers identify the most sustainable chemical nickel plating solutions suitable for their applications.

Deltar: Innovation and Improvement

A key aspect of Deltar’s sustainability is its continuous quest for innovation and improvement. The company invests in research and development to develop new technologies and processes that reduce the environmental impact of chemical nickel plating while improving product performance and quality.

In conclusion, Deltar stands out in the chemical nickel plating industry not only for its excellence in producing high-quality coatings, but also for its strong commitment to environmental and social sustainability. Guided by a vision of a greener and more sustainable future, Deltar continues to innovate and drive change toward more responsible and sustainable practices in the chemical nickel plating industry.