Environmentally sustainable city in Saudi Arabia – Neom The Line – Deltar’s there

Deltar has been chosen as a supplier for chemical nickel plating of parts involved in the Neom-The Line project, the vertically developed smart city under construction in Northwest Saudi Arabia in Neom, Tabuk province, designed by eliminating roads, cars and carbon emissions.

environmentally sustainable city

This immense project affected thousands of manufacturing entities around the world, and where chemical nickel-treated elements were to be used Deltar was called in.

The electroless nickel needed foresaw having to be high phosphorus with high deposition thicknesses, and the designed elements had moreover binding geometric peculiarities that could not be changed and at the same time were at odds with a normal process of high thickness electroless nickel deposition



The study required for its deposition turned out to be extremely difficult and complicated, but Deltar achieved the required targets, kicking off the large-scale production of parts that went from prototypes to serial production elements for components of the Neom -The Line project.

The many projects featured in this new challenge in Saudi Arabia have as a common denominator the desire translated into reality to produce green energy in order to be able to interrupt or at least slow down the climate change present today.


In fact, as evidence of this change, which has deep socioeconomic roots, green energy production systems have also been commissioned.

Among the latter emerges advanced technology compression systems for hydrogen where precisely the lowering of production costs will lead to an important and significant increase in its deployment as a carbon-neutral fuel.

The technology and realities involved in this project are Made in Italy, the result of a collaboration between multiple companies whose credo is quality, efficiency, innovation and environment.


the lineDeltar is thus counted among those companies that participated in an unprecedented futuristic and futuristic project where the huge planned investment of one trillion dollars was on par with the technological innovations applied.

Respect for the environment and climate change are the foundations for building a better and eco-sustainable future.